A pre-owned watch will make a great choice and investment for the new owner. We take great care during our preparation processes so you can rest assured your new timepiece will be delivered to you in the best possible condition. If you’ve never purchased a pre-owned watch before then see below for the main benefits.

Financial sense

Buying pre-owned can save you £1000s compared to buying brand new.  This can apply even if you receive a discount at point of purchase. A pre-owned watch has already taken the initial depreciation hit and is therefore priced accordingly. Why not make a substantial saving if you can?

Still looks great

A meticulously refurbished watch can look nearly new. We take great care when we prepare our watches and all out of images are of the actual watches being advertised. Once it’s on your wrist and looking great, does it matter if you’re the second owner?

Get a more desirable watch for the same price

Did you want the all gold brand new watch you had seen but couldn’t justify the outlay (and depreciation)? Buying pre-owned means you can get more for your money, be it a different brand, or one with precious stones and materials.

Change / upgrade your watch more often

Many customer would ideally like to change their watches every 2/3 years but again can’t justify the outlay each time. With a pre-owned watch you will have made a substantial saving on your purchase and then make a further saving on the next pre-owned watch you buy.

As well as all of the above, with Watches of Sutton you will receive the peace of mind buying experience and warranty highlighted here.