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Rolex Submariner – The Classic Sports Watch

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most iconic and desirable watches that Rolex has ever produced. The classic design has evolved over time but each change has been gradual and the Submariner has remained instantly recognisable throughout the generations. A fair parallel would be to compare it to a certain German sports car that has three numerical digits as its name. So what lies behind the appeal of this iconic watch? There are numerous answers to this question, some of which are subjective and a few will be discussed here.
The early 1950s witnessed the growth in scuba diving and Rolex was quick to identify the opportunity to develop a watch for the needs of the diver. Therefore the Submariner was born and its reputation was cemented when a specially adapted version was tested during the Trieste world record breaking dives. The early Rolex Submariners did not have the crown guard we see today and these have come to be known as the “Bond” models as seen in the first four James Bond films. Many other evolutionary changes have since taken place that encompass all aspects of the watch, including new hands, crown, case, bracelet, bezel, dial, metal, and depth rating. Each new version is given a new unique model number, thereby creating the legacy of the outgoing model in the rich history of the Rolex Submariner.
Rolex has always been careful in controlling the supply of its watches to protect the brand. This limited supply, coupled with the Submariner’s classic design, reputation and model changes has kept demand high and prices have adjusted upwards accordingly. Naturally, the older models and limited editions are the most sought after. However whichever Submariner you choose, you’ll be buying a watch that not only looks great whatever you’re wearing, but one that is about a solid an investment you will find when owning a wristwatch.


Rolex Submariner

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